About the CRCC Fund

Under terms of the new Master Contract, the ILA & USMX have agreed on the establishment of the CRCC Fund and have defined this requirement as the development of a comprehensive system to automate intake of carrier shipping reports and track carrier delivery tonnage on incoming and outgoing vessels, invoice carriers on a per voyage basis, collect and allocate carrier payments to appropriate funds.

The end state will be a system that processes files uploaded by carrier into a standardized electronic format and integrates them into a database. The system will interface to reporting mechanisms capable of generating management dashboards from that data and analyzing it in any number of ways. Finally, the system will inform the QuickBooks accounting system to ensure accurate carrier invoicing, collection and fund distribution.

The system will enable the ILA and local port management to more effectively schedule and manage manpower at the port and define work associated with container verification on both incoming and outgoing vessels. The system will also provide USMX members and affiliated management with an auditable process ensuring invoice accuracy of carrier reporting with real checks directly executed by the members at the port.

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