CRCC Fund Royalty Application

The New CRCC Fund Royalty Application

The CRCC Fund Royalty Application is complete and ready for testing as of October 1, 2014. This new web-based application will streamline the entire process of calculating, invoicing, collecting and distributing royalties.

  • Centralize collections. Carriers will receive one invoice per voyage, and make one payment per voyage.
  • Automate calculation and disbursement. All disbursements, to central and station funds, will be fully calculated and occur automatically and immediately.
  • Collect automated tonnage data from carriers. Comprehensive voyage, vessel, container and tonnage information will be provided through automated data feeds from carriers, eliminating the need for carriers to manually transmit this information.
  • Produce accurate and simplified invoices for carriers. Carriers will enjoy consolidated, comprehensive and accurate invoices. The quantity of invoices will be substantially reduced to one per voyage.
  • Ability for CR stations to check accuracy of tonnage information. Verification will be carried out to ensure accuracy of container information against actual loading and unloading taking place at the port.
  • No reduction in workforce.

The application will be accessible from anywhere there is an internet connection, and requires no special software to run. A dedicated online training program is available and must be completed prior to accessing the system. User registration will be open soon.